Welcome to Nine Months.  I will be blogging here for the next nine months about what it is like to be pregnant and take care of a young child!   I have one daughter who was born in January of 2002.  Now I am expecting our second (and final!) child the first week in December 2003. 

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The daily life of a pregnant stay-at-home mom.  

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Sunday, September 28, 2003
My Life Revolves Around The Toilet (29 Weeks 5 Days)

I am getting to that point where my bladder is really being squished! I took my daughter out to run a few errands the other day when I realized that I had to go...again. I was trying to decided whether to stop at a store and go, but after thinking about it I would have to get my daughter out of the car seat. And that would take too much time. Time is precious when you have to go! So, I decided to go home and pull in the garage and let her continue to listen to her Barney CD while I ran in to pee. Then we continued our trip.

The worst feeling is when I get a braxton-hicks contraction on top of a full bladder. It feels as though my full bladder is being squeezed and I have to do everything in my power to hold it in!

I realized that I was getting to this point when I started taking mental note of where the bathroom was, every where I go. Oh, and not to mention the numerous trips that have to be made in the middle of the night. Sometimes I think this is the body's way of preparing you for waking up to take care of a newborn. Although, I have mastered the trick of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night without waking up!

Well, I better end this. I have to go! Again...

Posted at 9:37 AM

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Comparing Bellies (29 Weeks 1 Day)

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my dad and I decided to take a picture comparing our belly sizes. So we took another one this time. He's still bigger than me! Ha ha! :)



Posted at 4:00 PM

Friday, September 19, 2003
Hiccups (28 Weeks 3 Days)

One thing that I remembered clearly from my first pregnancy is the feeling of when the baby had hiccups in my belly. Over the past few days, I have been having that feeling again. It's quite an interesting feeling, but annoying when I am trying to sleep. It's like a rhythmic movement. And since this baby is so low, and head down, I was even feeling them on my tailbone last night!

I am really into photography, so I decided to take some artsy photos of my belly today. I have one posted on the side towards the bottom. I can't believe how much I am showing now. Strangers have actually asked me about my pregnancy. I don't think that ever happened with my daughter.

Posted at 10:06 PM

Thursday, September 18, 2003
Sick And Tired (28 Weeks 2 Days)

It's been a rough week. This cold is affecting my sinuses so bad that I couldn't sleep well the past few nights. It's making me remember how it feels waking up several times to take care of a newborn! I think I am starting to get the jitters. I should stop watching "A Baby Story" because it's reminding me of how painful labor and delivery was. For some reason, I felt depressed yesterday. There really was no reason for it other than feeling sick. I think a lot of these feelings are a mixture of hormones and cold virus. Not a good combination!

Hopefully the cold will be gone soon...

Posted at 8:24 AM

Sunday, September 14, 2003
Updates (27 Weeks 5 Days)

Congratulations to Steph and Cat on the births of their sons Matthew and Chance! Best of luck with your new little ones! (Hopefully you'll both still have time to blog!)

One thing you can count on when you have little ones is getting sick. I swear that if there is any little cold bug floating around out there, my daughter finds it. We just started our first week of Kid's Gym at the YMCA and of course she picked up a cold. Usually her dad is the one who gets it next, but for some reason I got it this time. As if I didn't have enough complaints about how pregnancy makes me feel! My daughter seems to be better, which makes me happy. (it's never fun to have a sick and miserable kid around)

I started my prenatal exercise class. It is so much better than the regular water class. I actually feel like I get a work out. It's also a little strange because it's the same instructor from when I was pregnant with my daughter. It really hasn't been that long since I was in her class! It's good though, she's a great instructor and she keeps us entertained while we work out.

We got about 80% of out Christmas shopping the other day! I can't believe how much that we are getting done way ahead of time. I am really glad that we are because there is so much to do. I still can't believe that we are going to have another child this Christmas! It's hard trying to shop for little gifts for the baby since we have everything that we need from out first. This will be the second year in a row that we celebrate baby's 1st Christmas!

Posted at 8:52 AM

Monday, September 08, 2003
Third Trimester (26 Weeks 6 Days)

Wow, I can hardly believe that I am just about to enter the third trimester already. Two months and change to go! I feel like this kid is already here. We're just about ready anyway! We got the carpet down, the crib up and the border up! The room no longer looks like a junk room/turtle room. I still need an aquarium! But I feel good since that is the last major thing to be taken care of before the baby comes home. Oh, and we are starting to Christmas shop on Friday!

I had my glucose stress test done on Friday. They make you drink a 12 ounce bottle of this nasty orange soda stuff that is packed with sugar, then they make you sit around for and hour and then they draw blood. Apparently, women late in pregnancy are prone to gestational diabetes (which is diabetes caused by pregnancy). I don't expect that I have a problem with that.

Posted at 9:07 AM

Thursday, September 04, 2003
Lots Of Visitors (26 Weeks 2 Days)

I am amazed by all of the traffic that I get to this site. I have another blogger and a regular website that doesn't get nearly as many hits as this one does. I guess a lot of us pregnant women sit around all day searching for pregnancy information on the net. Most of the hits that I get have keywords looking for pregnant belly pictures or how to guess the gender or information about implantation bleeding. But today, I got one of the oddest set of keywords that brought someone to this site, "I am pregnant and I want nice color baby." What the heck do you suppose they were looking for? Does this person think that there may be a way to change the color of your baby? I don't know?! But, it sure gave me a chuckle.

Posted at 9:12 PM

Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Irritable (26 Weeks 1 Day)

I must be a real pain to live with these days. I am so easily irritated. I don't like the way I feel. I don't know if it's hormones or what. My husband is awesome, I don't know how he puts up with me so well. I'm feeling so uncomfortable already.

I was a big fan of the 80's hair metal bands. I just found out that Bret Michaels and Stryper are coming to town both on week nights. It just so happens that Stryper is playing the day after Bret. I really want to go to these shows, but my hubby wouldn't be able to since we couldn't get a sitter on a weeknight. Not to mention that I'll be 8 months pregnant and I can't stand that long. My husband is encouraging me to go to both, but I don't think I can. I hate making decisions... I don't have a clue what to do. Why couldn't these bands come a year ago?!?

I hope this feeling just passes by. I miss my old self. Pregnancy changes me. I talk to so many women who say that they never felt better than they did while they were pregnant. I don't know why it does the opposite to me. I guess it's better to feel good the rest of my life and poopy while I'm pregnant. :) I will survive...maybe some food will make me feel better!

Posted at 9:34 PM

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Maternity Clothes And More (26 Weeks)

The other day, I wore maternity clothes for the first time during this pregnancy. I didn't like it. I'm just not a big fan of them. I have no problem showing off my pregnant belly in tighter shirts, so my problem is that they make the shirts tent-like. It seemed like everyone made comments that day on how I am looking pregnant. Luckily, I still have a few bigger things that still fit, but it's a matter of time before I have no choice but to wear them all of the time. But the shocking thing is that I only have 3 more months of pregnancy left!! Wow! This is going so fast!

In other news, I recently found out that a friend of mine is expecting! She is due four months after me. It will be nice to have another friend with a child the same age. It's really nice for my daughter because our other friends have a son who is a year and a half older than her. They are both at the age where they enjoy playing now.

My doctor's appointment went fine. I saw the doctor who delivered my daughter. He is my favorite out of the 5 in the practice. He never makes me feel like he doesn't have time for my questions. I hope that he delivers this baby too. When I asked about the out of breath feeling that I have been having, he said that sometimes it is due to the extra progesterone hormone in the body. It could also be due to the position of the baby or even acid reflux. There really isn't anything that I can do about it, just make sure that my lips never turn blue when I am having this feeling. That is a sign of not getting enough oxygen.

Posted at 3:54 PM

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